Forest Carnegie Library Event Centre, FCLCE

Forest Carnegie Library Event Centre, FCLCE

We thank you for your interest and hope you will support our efforts to communicate and share this beautiful historical site.  

We are grateful of the amazing efforts of Victor Alderson, past owner. He was instrumental in securing the building as a historical status and there is a lovely plaque mounted on the base of front north pillar, a status of which we are very proud. And now you and your guests could enjoy your own private time together here, as we do rent and will hold public events.

The building is the design used by Andrew Carnegie at the end of the 19th century, 1912, which is reflected in all of Carnegie's other 2500+ library sites that he funded. The stairs which lead to the massive pillars, the eyebrow atop of the front roof and deep red brick.  I believe the most beautiful feature are the extra large windows that provide lots of light, warmth and openness. They are representative of the days of old, when reading was only done by Gods' light.  Please know, there are spots where the stairs and floor still squeak and the whole ambiance of days a gone, yet strong feelings of a library room, where family learning began and the thirst for knowledge is still fed.

This is a gift to you, as you have access, there will be open days and nights, come and browse or you are able to arrange and host a social gathering to meet and celebrate a memorable occasion, a graduation, a retirement, maybe a business meeting with your client or staff, or why not create a black tie night and share in a game of billiards with a few of your friends like seen in the movies :-)

There is also the option to sit quietly and listen to beautiful vinyl music - We have Hi fidelity audio......No compressed music here. Listen to music on vinyl.  We have thousands of recordings in our FCLEC library and in the summer months starting in June, we will take book reservations to our wine tasting, musical evenings with chats about many interesting authors and subject matter.

As to servicing the tasteful needs of your guests, the main floor facilities provide the warming or cooling of foods to be served and there is a large harvest type table which easily converts to a board room environment with access to PC hookup and screen presentation. In keeping with the spirit of a Library, we have a quiet area where you can come and read from our small but select books.

The point is the Forest Carnegie Library is unique, as is your reason for finding a place to host your moment to remember.

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In summary, this building, built in 1912, holds certain architectural restrictions due to its design from a bygone era. Nevertheless, it stands as a genuine and unique treasure of Lambton Shores, one that Forest takes great pride in.

We invite you to subscribe and stay informed about all the exciting events happening at "The Library," whether it's food tastings, readings, music nights, or any other ideas you have in mind. Your feedback and engagement are essential to us. Until we meet again...