We are here!!!

We are here!!!

Stephen and Kate Ward are thrilled to announce the acquisition of the historic Forest Carnegie Library, nestled at 12 Main St, North, Forest, Ontario.

We are embarking on a mission to rejuvenate this architectural gem into a dynamic Event Center. Our plan includes hosting workshops, community events, and providing a showcase for a private collection of books and audio records from our repertoire.

For those familiar with the Ward family, you might recognize the address 18 King Street East—home to the iconic red church established in 1877. This is where my sister Julie, her husband Nate, and their parents, Tom and Dru Masters, reside. To stay updated on our progress with the library and other family endeavors, we invite you to follow us at library-events.com

Join us on this exhilarating adventure as we strive to restore the Forest Carngie Library to its original splendor while creating a welcoming hub for community engagement and cultural enrichment.

A glimpse into the Building's architectural essence:

Nestled within the heart of Forest, Ontario, stands the Forest Carnegie Library, designed and funded by Andrew Carnegie. It serves as a beacon of neoclassical architecture redolent of the early 20th century's civic spirit. Its balanced façade beckons visitors through a commanding archway, framed by sturdy pilasters and crowned with an ornate pediment. A semi-circular transom window perches above the doorway, a portal for daylight to spill into the building's embrace.

Flanking the entrance, sizeable rectangular windows, detailed with intricate brickwork, promise interiors bathed in natural light, long before electricity was a standard. The structure's silhouette is punctuated by a dormer window, graced with a pediment that echoes the neoclassical motif.

A dome, quaintly referred to as an "Eyebrow," caps the edifice, once a vantage from which to gaze eastward. This central feature is complemented by a grand staircase, wrapping three sides of the entrance. These stairs, broad and inviting, rise to meet visitors, supported by balustrades that lend both symmetry and stateliness. The staircase culminates at a landing that distinguishes the entrance from the common walk, inviting entry into a space of historic significance and communal convergence.

As the new year unfolds, we are filled with anticipation to Welcome you to the Forest Carnegie Library Event Center. We look forward to sharing our journey and creating memories together in this landmark of legacy and learning.

Warm regards and Happy New Year, Stephen and Kate Ward