The perfect space for gathering

The perfect space for gathering
Forest Carnegie Library Event Centre

A Warm Welcome Awaits in Our Lobby

Enter into a space that greets you with warmth and charm. Our lobby is the crossroads of comfort and community, a place to meet and greet or simply pause and enjoy the moment. With its inviting decor and ambient lighting, it’s the perfect prelude to your experience with us.

Lobby Area

Join Us for an Evening of Elegance and Comfort!

Step into our beautifully crafted kitchen bar area, where the conversation flows as smoothly. Surrounded by rich navy blue tones and a touch of classic charm, it's the ideal spot to mingle with friends old and new. Get ready to experience the warmth of our community, one chat at a time.

Rack 'Em Up in Style!

Chalk up your cue for a relaxed game in our sophisticated billiard area. With its deep blue hues and ornate ceiling, it strikes the perfect balance between competitive spirit and laid-back leisure. Whether you're a seasoned player or just looking for a friendly match, our billiard space is where memories are made and stories are shared.

Billard Room

Convene in Comfort – The Boardroom Awaits

Gather around the table where ideas flourish and decisions are made. Our boardroom area combines a professional atmosphere with the comfort of home, featuring plush leather chairs and a stately wooden table. It's a space designed for productive meetings, inspiring collaborations, and private discussions.

Board Room

Tune into Relaxation – Discover Our Music Lounge

Immerse yourself in the soothing melodies and tranquil vibes of our music lounge. It's a haven for audiophiles and casual listeners alike, featuring cozy seating and state-of-the-art sound. Unwind with your favorite tunes or discover new ones in a space that's all about the music.

Music Lounge

So pick a date, give us a call - book the time. - we welcome you to come and see the Centre - and together we can go through the details. 833 512 0991 press #1